Plant Air Technology has been a solutions neutral provider of compressed air and vacuum Services for more than a decade. By not selling products or repair services associated with our proposed solutions, we can remain entirely objective on each project. We have audited or redesigned more than 1600 complete systems for many of the largest industrial and process facilities in the world. These systems range from 1/32 hp to 67,000 bhp and more than 225,000 scfm at a variety of pressures.

About Our Staff
    Our audit staff represents more than 155 years of technical expertise from the fields of utilities, maintenance, plant management, and equipment manufacturing and design

    We only work with the science and practical applications of compressed air and vacuum Our staff averages more than twenty year of intensive experience in their specialized fields prior to joining our firm. Each of our senior auditors and technical specialists first undergo a 3-5 year training period as a technical assistant working under a senior project manager.

    All personnel undergo continuing education with two to three forums for advanced technical training per year.

    All staff members are mentored on each project with a rigorous cross audit procedure to eliminate any possibility of error, inappropriate diagnosis, or insufficient Solution analysis.

    All staff members meet twice a year with the leading engineering management from Major manufacturers of compressed air and vacuum equipment and senior engineers from major compressed air users to exchange ideas and procedures to improve process outcomes.

    Each member of the team is field tested twice a year on protocol and procedures of their discipline for original thinking, paths of logic, and diagnostic triangulation.

    Our staff travels with more than $150K of state of the art testing equipment including The most sophisticated hand held and computerized logging and profiling hardware available on the market. We also develop and use the most advanced diagnostic software on the market for testing individual equipment as well as the entire system. All of our field technicians are thoroughly trained in and operate process modeling, CAD, and high speed signature mapping programs which is necessary to achieve the the most accurate results.

      What differentiates us, in addition to our approach to our projects, is our depth of knowledge in the operations of production and process systems and equipment utilizing compressed air and vacuum. Some of the specific areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following areas:
  • Pulp and Paper Operations
  • Commercial and military aerospace including production and development testing, maintenance and aftermarket field testing including valves, engines, and starters
  • Brewing processes
  • Refining, smelting, and secondary processing of metals such as steel and aluminum
  • Primary textile fibers manufacturing including secondary processes such as texturizing.
  • Textile weaving and spinning
  • PET plastics, injection, extrusion molding
  • Tobacco primary and secondary manufacturing strip and underground mining of iron ore, copper, nickel, zinc, bauxite, gold,
  • Chromium, and many other mineral products
  • Dairy products, meat and poultry processing, candy manufacturing, soft drinks, wine, and alcoholic beverages
  • Container manufacturing including 2 & 3 piece metal and aluminum cans, glass bottles,
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare processes and manufacturing
  • Automobile accessory manufacturing and final assembly
  • Shipbuilding
  • Microelectronics including chips, disks, computer assembly and peripherals
  • Printing including news print, catalogs, 5 color glossy, envelopes, and packaging
  • Chemical and hydrocarbon processing
  • Foundries including highly automated blow-molding processes
  • Fossil fuel and nuclear power generation
  • Defense and military research and development
      We are committed in every way to assure that we are providing the finest possible compressed air and vacuum services available. We also insist that the vendors we select for our integrated systems solutions are cross-trained on their equipment as it relates to other components in each individual system. Some of our selected vendors have had more than 25 full days of formal systems training.

      Lastly, we feel that our job is not just to audit or design a system, but to thoroughly educate our clients in the science and practical applications so they are good stewards for their plants as they move forward with a more productive, reliable, and efficient system. Our project manager is committed to this end on each job.

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