High Volume - Negative Rate of Change Events
Want to test your compressed air knowledge?
Analyze and define the systemís dynamics and solve the problems

  1. Packaging complains of low pressure shutting off the equipment from time to time throughout the production day. There doesnít seem to be a pattern to these events.
  2. Sometimes the fourth back up compressor comes on when there is low pressure in packaging, but not always.
  3. With the fourth compressor loading, production is afraid that there is no back up. They want another compressor with clean up equipment to make sure that there is back up and believe that this will prevent low pressure in packaging.
  4. What is the specific problem or problems which causes the pressure to drop in packaging?
  5. Why isnít there a pattern to the shut downs that is coincidental to the problem or problems?
  6. How can you avoid turning on the fourth compressor in normal production?

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