Compressor Selection Profile Worksheet

To the right of the demand profile, stack the compressor selection parallel to profile to determine the best arrangement of compressors and storage. Please note that the hours diminish as the demand increases. This needs to be used carefully in return on investment and life cycle cost stradegies. Donít forget that you must consider the performance of you selected supply arrangement across the widest range of inlet conditions and the impact that will have on operating performance and energy required. You must also consider maintenance issues such as how dirty you will allow filters to get and how that will impact performance. * Please remember that we will only see this peak for several times per shift at the most. The statistical likelihood of this event lasting more than 15 seconds is most unlikely. It is our objective to service this with control storage and then take as long as possible to repenish storage. The smaller the compressor/s that services this event, the longer the recovery will take, the less energy we will use, and the lower the capital investment.

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