Over the past twenty years Plant Air Technology personnel have either been directly responsible for or have co-developed a considerable number of advances in systems. Most of these are actively marketed today. Before listing these developments, it is important that we state that none of the staff of Plant Air Technology participates in any financial gain from any of these products or concepts As we feel this would be a conflict of interest in our work. The following are some of Our staffs advances in chronological order:
  • Compressed air sufficiently clean to replace nitrogen where oxidative stability is not an issue.
  • Large respirable compressed air packages.
  • Slave cooling systems for precise air quality control
  • Temperature controlled heat recovery systems for air compressors.
  • The detailed control and application of potential energy for peak shaving.
  • Control of systemic velocity across drying and filtering equipment.
  • Development of the audit convention for compressed air and vacuum
  • The first computerized multiple compressor control automation
  • Master local signal controls applications
  • Compressed air systems demand controls
  • Negative and positive rate of change algorithms and systems dynamic modeling
  • Non linear rate of change automation
  • Selective rate of change automation
  • Bellows concept automation
  • Coincidental demand event management such as with dense phase transporters
  • Load shaping systems
  • Profile signals, differentials, set points, and power to model the existing system and develop an automated central management approach
  • Signature Mapping
  • Statistical process mapping for central integrated systems automation

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